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 How to extend your residence permit for the purpose of studies: know-how



1.You are obligated to submit your application for extension of residence permit through the EnterHungary, so firstly register or sign in to your account at EnterHungary.


2.Select “Application for residence permit”, then click„Study or student mobility”


3.Fill out all the obligatory fields:

a) Last name and forename should be written as in the passport (recommendation: OCR code LASTNAME>>FORENAME>FORENAME>)

b) Please avoid using special characters and acute(e.g. „ä”) only use characters of the Latin and Hungarian alphabet.

c) Use your mother’s maiden(full name at her birth, before marriage)

d) The validity of residence permit for the purpose of studies is 2 years. Please do not apply for more, because we cannot issue the permit for longer time.


4.Upload all the mandatory attachments to your Enter Hungary case:

a) ID photo, which is not older than 3 months

b) Copy of your passport (either scanned or photo)

c) Certificate of active student status

d) Documents of financial(bank statement, declaration/statement of support from family member)

e) Document in support of accommodation (lease contract / dormitory contract)

f) Health insurance

g) After uploading the documents, do not forget to click on the "Submit request" button at the bottom of the page. (When successfully submitted, the colour of the submitted request will be changed under the ‘My cases’ menu.)


5.Pay the procedural fee if not exempted (see Procedure fees) through the Enter Hungary


6.After submitting your application, you must visit the client service of the regional directorate according to your accommodation within 15 days for giving biometrical data.

a) If you miss to do so, your application will be deleted

b) Check regularly your ‘to do/ storage’ menu points at the Enter Hungary


The authority might upload the decision to the EnterHungary. The residence permit will be handled over by the educational institution. Therefore we recommend, that after getting information about the decision, get in touch with the coordinator of the educational institution.


Please, do not visit our client service to get your residence permit. The residence permit cannot be handled over by the client service.


Mandatory enclosures for extension of residence permit


1.ID photo: Cannot be older than 3 months, the uploaded photo should be .jpeg format (NOT .png), and the size cannot exceed 3MBs

2.Full copy of valid(empty pages excluded), can be uploaded as a photo or can be scanned. The uploaded status (content, number of stamps) of the passport shall be the same as on the day of submitting the application.

3.Active student status certificate for the current semester

4.Scholarship Certificate, if you(e.g. Hungarian State Scholarship, Stipendium Hungaricum)

5.Proof of payment of the tuition fee

6.Credit certificate from previous semester

7.Bank balance statement (if it is not your bank account, please attach supporting letter of the family member as well)

8.Health insurance

9.Documentary proof of accommodation (lease contract, students hostel accommodation certificate, Accommodation Report signed by both parties)

10.Pay the procedural fee – check the “from payment of application procedural fees


Other important information


1.Any notifications (e.g. notification of missing documents, etc.) will be sent via EnterHungary, so check the "To do list / Storage" in your account as often as you can.


2.You can only extend your residence permit before the expiration date of your current permit. If your residence permit has expired, there is no option for extension.


3.The issued residence permit will be posted to your educational institution. You have to get in touch with the coordinator of the educational institution in order to pick it up.


On the residence permit, the number of the permit and the validity might be read as the following.

In the upper right corner of the picture you can find the place of the number of the residence permit.

On the right side of the picture, in the middle might be found the date of expiration (order: day/month/year).




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