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Information on the use of Enter Hungary system for natural person clients and their authorized legal representatives



As of 1 January 2019, natural person clients or their authorized legal representatives may submit an application for a residence permit (issue or extension) electronically via Enter Hungary.

The National Directorate-General for Aliens Policing (hereinafter: ’NDGAP’) a public body providing electronic administration under Act CCXXII of 2015 on the General Rules of Electronic Administration and Trust Services (Paragraph 17 a) of Article 1). For the purpose of fast and efficient administration NDGAP ensures the possibility of electronic administration for certain types of cases in addition to those specified in the law. For this purpose, a website called Enter Hungary was created, available at https://enterhungary.gov.hu/.

In case the application is filed with foreign representations (consulates) or the grounds of the application are circumstances requiring special attention, application shall not be submitted electronically.


Applications for residence permit shall not be submitted by using E-paper service.

It is possible to provide data needed for the examination of the application within Enter Hungary system as well as uploading the necessary attachments (facial image, form, travel documents) and supporting documents (purpose of residence, subsistence, housing, health insurance, onward or return travel).

Enter Hungary also allows you to pay the administration fee, the site will be redirected to OTP Bank in order to settle the payment. When submitting your application for a residence permit, please always check if there are any reasons exempting you from administrative charges. If the administration fee was not paid in Enter Hungary system, however it is established that the client is not exempt from payment, NDGAP shall inform on the arrears.

Please note that in several cases personal appearance is mandatory by regulation, and therefore using the electronic system does not exempt from it.

Applications for a residence permit shall be considered submitted only if

a)      administration fee has been paid by the natural person client or authorized legal representative in case the procedure is subject to a fee

b)     the third-country national’s facial image and fingerprint has been captured no later than 15 days after the confirmation was sent by NDGAP in the cases specified by law.

Please note that you can book a personal appointment in the customer service office by selecting ’Appointment booking’ option on the main page of NDGAP’s website www.bevandorlas.hu.

NDGAP accepts applications for a residence permit via Enter Hungary, however there is a possibility to receive a notification of missing documents or data from NDGAP prior processing the application. Once the application for a residence permit has been filed, the procedure will be conducted in accordance with the general rules.

Notifications will be sent to the email address provided during registration on Enter Hungary.


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